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Our 2019 Corporate Report consists of content to be shared to relive our highlights and discover our news!

Our promise: innovative, responsible & committed

For us, Shared innovation is an open and receptive attitude.

Innovation is shared with all our stakeholders. We believe in the power of collaboration at every stage of a project, doing our utmost to ensure the circulation of ideas and points of view. By harnessing collective intelligence, our projects take on added value.

Shared innovation: the film

At Bouygues Construction, shared innovation inspires us on a daily basis. Are you ready for the "Shared innovation" experience?

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Together, we will build the future

Thanks to each stakeholder's investment, we design and build projects to benefit end users and help create sustainable communities.

Designing and building the cities of the future

Designing and building the cities of the future

Smart cities need everyone’s intelligence to benefit society as a whole. We want to co-design the neighbourhoods of tomorrow with key players in local communities.

Our objective: sustainable communities

Our objective: sustainable communities

We support community transformation by exploring the challenges of climate change and increasing density with residents and our stakeholders.

TopSite: to benefit both women and men

TopSite: to benefit both women and men

We work to respect the whole of society. This commitment is found at all levels, in our work with communities, inhabitants, partners, clients, or even employees. This can now be measured, thanks to TopSite’s quality assessment.

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Making citizens active in the transformation of communities

President Philippe Bonnave CEO of Bouygues Construction

In 2019, faced with the combined challenges of climate change and exponential population growth, our Group strengthened its sustainable construction practice, which is respectful of the environment and of society as a whole.
Innovation and digitalisation are the tools we use to implement this process. We make these available to our partners, to provide meaning and give added value to all our projects. As well as our construction techniques and the materials we use, such as wood and decarbonised concrete, I am convinced that citizens must be placed at the heart of community and town planning. At the time of connected buildings and smart cities, listening and understanding their needs must, more than ever before, guide our projects. It is thanks to consultation that we can guarantee that communities are adapted to our way of life and are really sustainable. Each day, in more than 60 countries, from upstream to downstream of the construction process, women and men of Bouygues Construction work in a responsible and committed way to benefit our clients and users, and their environment.

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